7 Features

1.Teaching Principles


Vine International Piano School conduct piano lessons according to the teaching principles below:

  • Develop positive attitude toward learning the piano and music. Develop the ability to use your own initiative, to think for yourself and to be creative and pro-active.
  • Set goals, manage your time and develop problem-solving skills. (Self-management skills)
  • Learn about music-related things.
  • Foster the attitude to overcome challenges continuously. Continuous improvement is a key to excel in your performance.
  • Culttivate good manners and respectful attitudes. Always consider others as more important than yourself.

2.Provide bilingual education during the lesson. Broaden international experience by participatinig in international musc events and exams.

I lived in the U.S. for 9 years and speak both English and Japanese fluently. For those whose native language is not either English or Japanese, you can learn one or both of these languages during your piano lessons. Conversation with your instructor along with the use of imported or bilingual music textbooks, singing songs and learning musical terms and conversation add to your language learning. You will also learn how to pronounce English/Japanese correctly.

Plus, you will have opportunities to particpate in an internationa music event or a fellowship with foreign music professionals. If you wish, you also can participate in the British music exam held in Tokyo to get a grade!

3.Lesson prices are the same regardless of your piano level.

Lesson prices in this school are the same whether you are in the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. This price system is used commonly in the U.S. where the prices are set only by the length of the lesson.

One reason for this is that the instructor's labor and energy are the same regardless of the levels. Another reason is that there are no clear measures or guidelines to distinguish among the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The designation of a student's level is totally dependent on the piano teachers' discretion or the piano schools' guidelines. Thus, your lesson price at this school will never be increased just because you advance to a higher level.

4.Clear and easy to understand. Good results guaranteed.

My goal when I teach is to take anything that could be complicated, and make it simple and easy to understand. I will help you to eliminate your mistakes or problems so that you can achieve your best performance. This could mean practicing suggestions, fingering, hand position, techniques, body usage, and more. Whatever age or level you are at, I will help you to achieve your musical goals and lead you to success! If you are willing to learn more, I can always help you to improve your piano skills and advance to the next level regardless of your age.

5.Provide performance evaluation on a numerical scale to make your progress clear.


Although it is often difficult to see how much progress you have made in your piano lessons, I have developed a performance evaluation on a numerical scale that I will report to you every year. This will help you to identify how much you have achieved and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

In addition, using the piano lesson notebook (optional for adults) will enable you to see the progress you are making and what you need to practice at home.

6.Help to improve both your skills and yourself to enjoy playing more!

It is not until you understand music well and play it wholeheartedly that you can enjoy yourself and please others! I will help you to learn the piano step-by-step so that you can keep improving your skills and enjoy playing the piano. I will also help you to establish your mental attitude for quality practicing and stage performance so that you will have more confidence, tackle greater challenges and continue to grow as a person.

7.Cultivate your presentation and social skills through recitals and multicultural relationships.


This piano school offers recitals twice a year to give opportunities for students to demonstrate their progress to family and friends and help students develop self-confidence and musical mastery. Since this school is bilingual, students from many nations take part in recitals. So, these events and social time during or after the recitals offer all students opportunities to relate to people from other cultures. Since students make a short presentation to the audience before playing, they can also cultivate their presentation and social skills. These skills benefit us all, but will be especially important for younger students as they get older. Students will also learn how to recover from mistakes and how to give their best performance in front of a live audience.