Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire students of all ages and levels to gain confidence and joy in playing the piano, their artistic expression - and English/Japanese.


Through music and English, truly universal languages, we develop a community of life-long learners who love music and enjoy its beauty and power. We foster people of character growing in love, responsibility, resilience, empathy, respect, and cross-cultural understanding, so they connect more deeply with others and contribute to the harmony of the world.



  • 1. Fostering effort and growth

    Vine International Piano School emphasizes the importance of effort and continuous learning. We encourage students to have a willingness to challenge themselves and cultivate an attitude of growing while confronting difficulties. Through dedicated practice in piano, ear training, and music theory, learners can achieve self-transcendence and attain significant accomplishments by exerting effort and passion.

  • 2.Building a strong foundation of musical skills through pitch training education
  • Vine International Piano School encourages students to develop a solid sense of pitch. Developing pitch skills enhances their ability to hear sounds correctly so that they can master pieces quickly and enjoy music in a deeper way. It also enables them to sing in the right pitch, to play for fun with other musicians, and even to compose music in their heads.

    3. Deepening understanding of music and different cultures through piano and foreign language learning

    Vine International Piano School features a unique educational program that combines piano and foreign language learning. By studying a foreign language and piano at the same time, students can deepen their understanding of music, improve their language skills, and deepen their understanding of other cultures.

  • 4. Valuing respect, courtesy, and manners and nurturing a caring attitude toward others

    Vine International Piano School encourages students to learn consideration for their peers and instructors, fostering a respectful attitude and courteous behavior. We create a culture of encouragement for one another as we listen to each other's performances with gratitude and admiration.