Trial Lessons

How to sign up for a trial lesson

I offer a one-on-one trial lesson with no obligation to continue for anyone who is interested in learning the piano. So, please feel free to sign up for your trial lesson today!

To sign up for the trial lesson, please call me or fill out the inquiry form and click the “send” button. Although I usually reply soon after receiving your request, in some cases, it may take me a few days to respond to you.



Process of Trial Lessons

The trial lesson takes about 45 minutes including an interview and a piano lesson. Piano lessons are 20 minutes long in English or Japanese, and 30 minutes long for a bilingual lesson.

1.Fill out trial lesson application form and bring it with you.
The trial lesson application form is sent to you by email. Please print it out and fill out the form, then bring it with you.
2.Interview(10 minutes)
I will ask you some questions based on the application form you filled out and listen to your requests.
3.Piano Lesson(20 - 30 minutes)
Small children will sing along with the piano, clap with the rhythm of the music and touch the piano to play simple music in the trial lesson. Those who took piano lessons before can play music they learned from a previous school or choose any music they want to play in their trial lesson.

If you do not have any piano textbooks, you can use the textbooks that are available here. For those who want to take bilingual lessons but cannot understand English or Japanese at all, I will teach you a very basic bilingual lesson for your trial lesson.
4.Counselling(10 - 15 minutes)
In this part of the trial lesson , I will hear your thoughts about the trial lesson, propose the lesson plan for you and hear your availability for your future lessons. You can ask any other questions you might have. There is no obligation to enroll immediately, so please take your time to think about it and let me know your decision. I would like you to contact me within a week after the trial lesson, but if you need more time to think about it, please let me know.
If you decide to enroll in this school at the time of your trial lesson, you will proceed to enrollment right away. For those who decide to enroll later, after the trial lessons, you will need to proceed to enrollment before or at your first lesson.

Fees for Trial Lessons

¥2,500 (tax included)

*If you come with your siblings, as a pair, or as a group, we offer a discount of 500 yen per person.
*Please note that we do not offer trial lessons for perfect pitch training only. If you are interested, you will need to have a face-to-face or online consultation before proceeding with the enrollment process.


  • Have your nails trimmed well. Long nails will cause you to play incorrectly and to develop bad technique. You cannot take the trial lesson with long nails. Also, wash your hands before arriving for the lesson.
  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled trial lesson, please contact me as soon as possible. Please refrain from cancellation on the actual day of the trial lesson except for unavoidable circumstances.
  • Please bring the exact amount of the trial lesson fee. I am not able to make change.