Adult Piano Course

Overview of the Adult Lesson Course

The Adult Piano Course is designed for those 18 years old and older. There is no upper age limit. My oldest student is in her 80s, so it’s never too late to start learning the piano!

Adult students start learning the piano for several reasons: for relaxation and pleasure, for keeping their brains healthy, for regaining skills lost after dropping out of piano lessons in their youth when they were required to play the piano in school.

If you feel you would like to start learning the piano, now is the best time to start!

Scientific studies show that playing the piano is actually good for your health. There are reasons to learn the piano as an adult no matter how old you are:

1. Increase your IQ

Studies have shown that learning to play music, especially the piano, can improve your IQ. You may think that piano learning is just for children, but researchers have found that brain activity of those who begin taking piano lessons are greatly improved even after the age of 65!

2. Build confidence and be more focused

Mastering a new skill is one of the best ways to build your confidence. Perseverance is required to gain a new skill, which increases your self-discipline and helps you to be more focused, which in turn, builds confidence.

3. Reduce stress

Stress can often be a result of devoting too much of your time or energy to workplace issues. Sitting down to play the piano for even a few moments on a busy day can help relieve stress and even lower your blood pressure.

4. Enhance your happiness and enrich your life

The most important reason to take piano lessons is that it’s fun. Once you start learning the piano, you will never lose your ability to play. You can continue to improve your playing and have more joy as you grow. It is a skill that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

If you are motivated and willing to put forth the effort, I can help you to improve your piano playing and have more fun and enjoyment in your life!

Both private and pair (2 person) piano lessons are available in the Adult Piano Course. You can take lessons in either Japanese or English, or both.


What the Adult Piano Course can offer:

1.Lessons are completely tailored to every student's interest and abilities.
Since adult students learn the piano for various reasons, I tailor lessons to every student’s interest and abilities according to their requests and goals. For example, you can learn the piano using overseas’ pop music only. You can use Japanese during the piano lesson and learn basic English conversation separately, and vice versa. Or you can use English or Japanese all the time during the lesson if you can understand and speak it fluently. If you want to learn a second language (English or Japanese), I can give you very basic language lessons in either of these languages, even if that language is totally new to you.
2.You may choose two lessons or one lesson a month.
I recommend you take lessons at least twice a month because you can improve and develop your playing skills much faster. However, for those who have irregular working hours, or are too busy, you can take lessons once a month. For those who want to take lessons more than twice a month, you may do so.
3.You can learn any type of music. Plus, you can learn how to sing with the piano accompaniment if you want!
Adult students can learn any type of music, classical, folk, pop and rock. I can also give you vocal lessons to sing with the piano if you want.
4.You can share with others, make friends in recitals and enjoy fellowship!
Opportunities to participate in recitals involving both adults and children are provided on a regular basis in order to promote intergenerational fellowship experiences at this school. In addition, I offer small piano concerts among adult students to encourage them to get to know each other and to learn from one another. These events provide opportunities for conversations about their lives, their music interests and other hobbies. If you want to make friends who have the same interest, please come to this school.

Adult Pair Lessons

In addition to private lessons, pair (2 people) lessons are offered so that you can learn the piano with your spouse or a friend.

Playing solos on the piano is fun, of course, but you will have even more fun when you play with your partner! You can learn how to collaborate, understand each other’s roles and responsibilities, and gain a feeling of satisfaction by creating beautiful music together!

The movie below shows an elderly American couple playing the piano in the Mayo Clinic, one of the major hospitals in the U.S. Would you like to have as much fun playing the piano as they do?

【YouTube】Charming Older Couple Playing the Piano