Children's Piano Course

Both private and semi-private (up to 3 children) lessons are offered in the Children’s Piano Course.

Private Lessons

Children will use piano text books that are suitable for their level and interests. Depending on which language they would like to learn, English, Japanese or bilingual text books are available.


What you will learn in the Piano Lesson

1.Explore "Listening", "Singing", "Writing" and "Playing".
I provide a well-balanced program designed with the specific needs of every student in mind. Activities include listening, singing, writing and playing, which are required for basic musicianship and provided through music theory and solfeggio lessons. These will help you more quickly improve your piano playing skills and your general musicianship skills.

Children who need extra help with rhythm or pitch can take the “Solfeggio Course” to develop a strong foundation in these basic skills.
2.Learn to play the piano easily and produce a good sound, not master a certain method.
There are many piano teaching methods such as the Russian, French and Hungarian methods. Although the Russian Piano Method is commonly used throughout the world today, I do not stick to a certain method because all students are different. I believe producing a good sound is more important than which method is used.

I also help students to play the piano smoothly and easily regardless of the size of their hands, eliminating the possibility of pain or injury.
3.Enjoy playing not only classical music but also popular, rock and anime music!
While learning basic skills by playing classical music, children can also learn popular, rock or any other music they like during the lesson. As a reward for working hard, they can play those kinds of music in our Christmas concert held at the end of the year.
4.Learn a duet and enjoy playing with a partner!
一日の生活イメージThe piano is usually played by one person, but I offer opportunities for students to play with me or other students. This is called a “piano duet” where two people play at one piano. I sometimes give students opportunities to play with more than 1 person, including their family members during the Christmas concert.

Duets can be challenging for students, but they provide valuable lessons. First, they encourage interaction and teach teamwork. In duets, students will need to practice together after they learn their parts individually. And they will need to keep working together to master their music. Second, duets impress audiences and they love listening to their beautiful harmony. Watching two (or more) students play in sync together is always an entertaining experience. Lastly, duets can encourage each student to do their very best and motivate their partner to do well on their piano part, too. Most children don’t like the feeling that someone is superior to them at something. By working together on the same music, they can learn how to collaborate and communicate, have a respectful attitude and encourage each other.

Semi-Private Lessons for Pre-school Children


Since my semi-private lessons accept only 3 children at most, every student will be able to receive full instruction and care. The main activities of this course are listening and repeating a tune or a rhythm, singing along, ear training and learning musical symbols using colors, stories and games.

When you apply for this course, you will need to wait until at least one other student applies. So, I encourage you to invite your friend, sister or brother to enroll in it with you!