Online Piano Lessons

Take piano lessons in the privacy of your own home via Skype/Zoom!

・Those who live overseas are welcomed to take online piano lessons.
・Absolute/Relative pitch training is available through online, too.
・You can save time not needing to travel at all


You can take online piano lessons using your computer and web camera. This takes place through a Skype session with me. Remote piano lessons can help you to save time commuting to this school and allow you to take the lessons in the comfort of your own home.

Online piano lessons are also convenient for those who:
-live in an area where there are no piano schools nearby.
-find it difficult to set aside the time to go to the piano lesson.
-do not feel comfortable going to the piano school for any reason at all.
-cannot commute to the piano school because of handicap, disability, illness or injury.

With at least 2 days advanced notice, you can make a reservation for an online piano lesson.

Of course, students who already come to my lessons can also take online piano lessons:
-as supplementary or additional lessons before recitals or concerts.
-if they get sick or injured but have a room to take the lesson at home.

Online piano lessons may be the best choice for you if you who want to refresh yourself while you study hard for entrance examinations, or if you are required to work irregular hours (hospital workers, business owners, etc.).

What you need for online piano lessons

Anyone who has a piano, an electronic piano or other type of keyboard can take online piano lessons. You also need the following:

 Computer/Smart Phone/Tablet
 Internet Connection
 Tripod or Stand to hold a dvice
 Skype or Zoom software installed (Zoom is recommended.)

Lesson Fees and Payment

Lesson fees are the same as the regular face-to-face lesson. As for the lesson fees, please go to the Price page. As for the payment, you can send money to my bank account. For those who live overseas, you can make a payment through PayPal.

Online Trial Lesson

If you want to take a trial lesson through the internet, you may do so. The fee for the trial lesson is ¥2,500.